Elmarin’s Marine Electrical Solutions

You can expect just the best from Elmarin in electrical field 

We offer a wide range of marine electrical services from new installations to repairing your onboard problems. Our experienced team are skilled in every aspect of the supply, installation, repair and maintenance of complete electrical systems for a wide range of marine projects. From the design and build of bespoke systems, to upgrades and modifications of existing electrical installations, we provide a service to the highest quality standards. Our experience also ensures we are at the forefront of new technology and energy efficient systems, creating cost effective and reliable long term solutions for the marine industry.

Power management system

Power management system is a system for full automation of power plant, as power management, engine safety system, diesel engine control, generator control, generator protections  . Each generator has it’s own independent and fully autonomous PMS system. This safeguards highest degree of reliability and performance.

Distribution boards

Providing AC and DC distribution boards from 0 to 440 volts. Enclosures from leading manufacturers . with ratings of IP44 to IP64. All control functions, indications, meters, switches, etc can be provided due to customer requirements.

Shore connection box

Suitable for incoming and outgoing supply of 0 to 690 volts, 50 Hz / 60 Hz. Fitted in enclosure with a rating of IP 56 to IP 64. Provided with type approved, hand operated MCCB or MCB . Provided with indicators and meters as per the customer/class requirements.

Circuit Breakers

Breakers are designed to protect power circuits and loads. Air circuit breakers: every circuit breaker is equipped with micro logic control unit that can be changed on-site. Alarms may be programmed for remote indications.

Group starter panels

Direct On-Line Starters, Star-Delta Starters, AC/DC Soft Starters, Dual or Triple Speed Starters, Relay/PLC based control panel, Reversible DOL starters with remote Start/Stop functionality is available for control through remote push button Station.PLC or relay based starters and controllers for equipment considered critical and complicated in nature. Temperature, pressure interlocks, remotely located solenoid operations etc. are programmed in the PLC and starter or controller operation is achieved.


Our type approved, customized or standard enclosures suitable for customer requirements, to match available space, and to increase layout efficiency. Available as wall mounted or floor standing with different IP ratings.

Electrical drive systems

With energy efficiency as the main target, we supply and deliver electrical AC drive systems for maritime applications, which provide Lower fuel consumption and emissions due to the possibility to optimize loading of engines. Connected engines operate at high load, with maximum efficiency. Electrical drive systems are designed to distribute power to marine, process plants, and offshore applications such as pumps, propulsion systems, heavy duty pumps, HVAC, ventilators and winches.

Low voltage drives

Our low voltage variable speed drives have powerful and accurate performance for any application in powers  up to 5600 kW.  AC’s drives, with asynchronous or permanent magnet synchronous motors, merge environmental benefits .  Our approved  drives ensure reliable and economic operation in all conditions in a complete and compact package.

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